Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2011
Artec Scanner unter Windows XP
Offenbar haben viele das Problem schon erlebt: Nach der Neuinstallation von Windows XP funktioniert plötzlich der Artec Scanner nicht mehr. Selbst mit den neuesten Treibern wird das Gerät einfach nicht erkannt und im Internet findet man zwar viele Leidensgenossen aber keine Lösung.

Bei mir handelte es sich um den Artec e+ 48U, der sich nach Neuinstallation einfach nicht mehr nutzen ließ. Dabei ist die Lösung relativ einfach: Bei diesem Gerät müssen die Treiber installiert sein, bevor man das Gerät anschließt. Lässt man die Geräte bei der Neuinstallation des Systems angeschlossen, so erkennt XP den Scanner nicht mehr.

In meinem Fall habe ich in den sauren Apfel gebissen, alle Peripherie-Geräte zunächst ausgestöpselt und Windows XP komplett neu aufgesetzt. Dann zunächst die Treiber installiert und erst zuletzt die Geräte wieder angeschlossen. Prompt hat XP den Scanner erkannt.

Im Prinzip sollte es also auch funktionieren, wenn man den Scanner ausstöpselt, die Treiber restlos entfernt, XP neu aufstartet, die Treiber neu installiert und erst dann den Scanner wieder anschließt.

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Montag, 14. März 2011
Aesop's The Wolf And The Lamb
A lamb was quenching it’s thirst at a brook. Far from it, but close to the font, a wolf did the same. As soon as he saw the lamb he shouted:
“Why are you muddying the water, I want to drink?”
“How could that be possible?”, answered the lamb shyly, “I am standing down here and you up above; the water is flowing from you to me though; believe me, I never intended to do something wrong to you!”
“Ah, look! You are doing it the same way, your father did it six month ago; I remember very well, that you were with him, but lucky to escape, when I tore of his pelt for his blasphemy!”
“O, sir!”, the lamb begged trembling, “I am only four weeks old and I did not even know my father, since he is dead for such a long time; how should I make amends for him?”
“You brazen one!”, so ended the wolf with feigned anger, snarling his teeth. “Dead or not dead, don’t I know, that your whole race does hate me? And that is why I have to revenge myself.”
Without any further circumstances he tore the little lamb limb to limb and divoured it.
The conscience is stirred even in the worst evildoer; though he searches for an excuse, to appease it, while living his wickedness.

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011
Julian Assange abused Daniel Schmitt's cat!
Now, that parts of Daniel Domscheit-Berg's book "Inside WikiLeaks: My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website" have been given to the press, we get to know the real face of Julian Assange.

As Daniel tells the world, Julian constantly attacked his tomcat "Herr Schmitt" during his stay at Daniel's home in Wiesbaden.

"Julian would constantly attack the animal. He would spread out his fingers like a fork and grab the cat's throat."

The poor cat is still psychotic. "It must have been a nightmare for the tomcat."

Below picture shows, how Julian Assange starts to form the forkhand, pretending to look in another direction, while the scared cat prays for mercy to the people in the audience.