A day at court with Julian Assange - via Twitter
1. BoingBoing

Wikileaks: Assange bail hearing in UK today, statement from jail #wikileaks #cablegate #payback http://bit.ly/dSnqf3 about 18 hours ago
2. AlexiMostrous

#assange lawyer will offer permanent uk address and electronic tag to secure bail #wikileaks about 15 hours ago
3. nicholasmead

Julian #Assange tops readers poll for Time Magazine Person on the Year | http://is.gd/iHEJl (via @wikileaks) about 15 hours ago
4. nicholasmead

UK to decide whether to grant #Assange bail. But even if they do, he's going nowhere: http://bit.ly/eD5qR6 about 15 hours ago
5. guardiantech

WikiLeaks latest and Julian Assange's court appeal: live updates http://bit.ly/dXYgUX about 14 hours ago
6. newsbrooke

Total fiasco at court today for assange #wikileaks hearing. No recording allowed or space for world's press. about 12 hours ago
7. newsbrooke

This is why I wrote the chapter on secret justice in 'The Silent State.' #openjusticefail about 12 hours ago
8. AlexiMostrous

#Assange court officials refuse to issue early press passes, ban journos from lobby area, v annoying #wikileaks about 12 hours ago
9. Rob_Banks

.@AlexiMostrous says #Assange lawyers to offer electronic tag to help secure bail.Julian will be playing Angry Birds on that within the hour about 13 hours ago
10. AlexiMostrous

Mark Stephens, #assange's lawyer arrives 2 hrs before hearing #wikileaks about 11 hours ago
11. newsbrooke

#assange lawyers mark stephens and jennifer robinson have arrived into court. This is such a mad spectacle; court bureaucrats not helping. about 11 hours ago
12. tonyrcollins

@newsbrooke Strange how courts don't allow recorders. It's as if HM Courts Service would prefer that cases aren't reported accurately. about 11 hours ago
13. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @rohitkachrooitv: Met Commissioner says he's "stripping London out" to police #demo2010. He says he's concerned about impact on policing about 11 hours ago
14. newsbrooke

Anyone doubting #wikileaks isn't a cult of #assange personality needs to see the phalanx of cameras here. Like Cannes wtg for the starlet. about 11 hours ago
15. AlexiMostrous

#Assange mum just turned up for #wikileaks case. Shes interesting woman, seasoned campaigner about 11 hours ago
16. newsbrooke

#assange's mom Christine has just arrived in court. Same build as her son. Almost identical shoes and outdoorsy style. #wikileaks about 11 hours ago
17. ggreenwald

Good job, Michael Moore: offers $20,000 in bail money for Julian Assange & explains why he's defending him: http://is.gd/iJ85v about 11 hours ago
18. MMFlint

I'm posting bail money for J Assange today. I wont stand by and be a witness to a railroading. @WikiLeaks has saved lives http://j.mp/i0vgv5 about 11 hours ago
19. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @frontlineclub: RT @ggreenwald: Michael Moore offers $20,000 in bail for Julian Assange: http://is.gd/iJ85v #wikileaks about 11 hours ago
20. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @frontlineclub: Julian Assange arrives in court ahead of a hearing to renew his attempt to be granted bail http://ow.ly/3oR77 #Wikileaks about 11 hours ago
21. newsbrooke

What could have been a simple process to get press passes is a complete & utter balls up due 2 incompetance of court officials. #wikileaks about 11 hours ago
22. newsbrooke

"It's just not British," heckles a natl hack to a foreign reporter who has jumped the queue in this ridiculous frenzy. #wikileaks about 11 hours ago
23. AliBunkall

Much more organised affair outside Westminster Magistrates court today for Assange appearance. Nothing to do with @fieldproducer's presence about 10 hours ago
24. jimsciuttoABC

At Assange court hearing again. Mother will b in crtrm, lawyers hoping for bail #Wikileaks about 10 hours ago
25. jimsciuttoABC

Small handful of protesters outside, giant throng of cameras #Wikileaks about 10 hours ago
26. AlexiMostrous

First in press pass queue but downside is no food or water since 8am. Julian #Assange - i hope you're worth it #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
27. jimsciuttoABC

Time Man of the Year announcement in 10mins. Assange? #Wikileaks? about 10 hours ago
28. AliBunkall

Geoffrey Robertson and Peter Tatchell just turned up at court. about 10 hours ago
29. AliBunkall

One of the many protestors also at court. http://yfrog.com/h3snspj about 10 hours ago
30. AliBunkall

@jemkhan also arrived. Media circus about 10 hours ago
31. newsbrooke

Press pass in hand, heading upstairs. Passed geoffrey robertson qc in the hall. How many celeb lawyers does #assange have now? #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
32. AliBunkall

John Pilger arriving. He's somewhere in the middle! #Assange #Wikileaks http://yfrog.com/h2y9plj about 10 hours ago
33. AlexiMostrous

10 mins till we go in, geoff robertson c on assange "dream team", shd be interesting. #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
34. AlexiMostrous

My guess is human rights act will be raised to argue #assange has right to know fuller details of charges #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
35. jimsciuttoABC

Haven't seen this many journalists at a trial since Saddam Hussein's - seriously #Wikileaks Assange about 10 hours ago
36. frontlineclub

RT @fieldproducer: John Pilger and Ken Loach have both arrived at court to support Julian #Assange #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
37. jimsciuttoABC

Assange attorney Geoffrey Robertson arrived at courtroom, had to bang on door to get in #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
38. jimsciuttoABC

I was wrong. Time announcement tomorrow. Apologies about 10 hours ago
39. AlexiMostrous

judge just gave me explicit permission to tweet proceedings "if it's quiet and doesn't disturb anything". #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
40. newsbrooke

In packed courtroom. No phones or recording allowed so this may be last tweet until its over. @aleximostrous asked judge if tweets ok. about 10 hours ago
41. AlexiMostrous

courtoom getting packed out as proceedings are about to start. Stephens sitting behind robertson qc #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
42. newsbrooke

Swedish team with prosecutor gemma lindfield have just sat down in #assange extradition. # wikileaks about 10 hours ago
43. jimsciuttoABC

Courtroom fact of the day: in UK, sketch artists have to draw to memory. Can't even sketch in ct here #Wikileaks about 10 hours ago
44. AliBunkall

Boys in blue or rather boys in High-vis have turned up to keep order http://yfrog.com/h4auwvj about 10 hours ago
45. AlexiMostrous

Bianca Jagger sitting as probable surety next to Helena Kennedy QC #wikileaks about 10 hours ago
46. AlexiMostrous

still waiting... about 9 hours ago
47. AlexiMostrous

new internet age? Security guard: "phones off, unless you take notes with blackberry [paraphrased] in which case away you go". #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
48. AliBunkall

Judge is allowing journalists to tweet from court. As far as I'm aware, unprecedented. #Assange #Wikileaks about 9 hours ago
49. jimsciuttoABC

Assange celebrity supporter of the day: Bianca Jagger. #Wikileaks about 9 hours ago
50. AlexiMostrous

a lot of last minute kerfuffle - still waiting for #assange, judge, in #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
51. newsbrooke

In an amazing nod to the fact we live in digital age, judge has said we can tweet #assange. So I will be along w @AlexiMostrous about 9 hours ago
52. AlexiMostrous

#assange walks in, same suit as last time, smart cropped grey hair, whispering to Mark Stephens through the glass #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
53. AlexiMostrous

judge - can i start with an apology. the courts not big enough. #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
54. newsbrooke

Julian #assange in the dock. Looking more ashen then last week, wearing navy suit, open white shirt. about 9 hours ago
55. ggreenwald

So British: RT @AlexiMostrous "judge - can i start with an apology. the courts not big enough. #wikileaks " about 9 hours ago
56. jimsciuttoABC

Assange's mother trying to get his attention from public gallery, failing #Wikileaks about 9 hours ago
57. AlexiMostrous

Focus of #assange argument appears to be bail rather than substantive extradition issue. Prosecuting counsel outlining arguments against about 9 hours ago
58. AlexiMostrous

Judge says: "the stronger the case, the more likely the defendant is to abscond, the weaker the case, the less likely." #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
59. AlexiMostrous

Pros counsel says: "In bail applications under extradition act strength of evidence ought not to be primary focus." #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
60. newsbrooke

Prosecutor is laying out reasons why #assange shouldn't be granted bail and why the full evidence of allegations should be left for sweden. about 9 hours ago
61. AlexiMostrous

pros counsel: "The court has already found that mr Assange is a flight risk and its submitted that nothing has changed" #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
62. jimsciuttoABC

Judge seems to be turning Assange's way on bail #Wikileaks about 9 hours ago
63. AlexiMostrous

Robertson calls Captain Vaughan Smith to offer surety. Also offers tag, curfew, restricted travel and other conditions #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
64. AlexiMostrous

Robertson jokes #Assange would be under "mansion arrest" if he was bailed to Vaughan SMith's house #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
65. AlexiMostrous

can't post last tweet! says am blocked! #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
66. AlexiMostrous

False alarm - new surety, Sarah Saunders, offers £150k surety "pretty much all [I'm] worth" #wikileaks about 9 hours ago
67. newsbrooke

Lots of sureties being put up for #assange. Also a perm. address where he could be under a curfew. about 8 hours ago
68. AlexiMostrous

Robertson: We doubt whether this actual category of rape would be rape under english law. about 8 hours ago
69. AlexiMostrous

n/b Julian Assange strongly denies all allegations #wikileaks - all references to "rape" from counsel refers to alleged rape. #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
70. AlexiMostrous

Robertson: p/p The old principle that you can't arrest someone for questionning applies #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
71. AlexiMostrous

Robertson QC: the mere absence of a fixed residence does not give rise to a danger of absconding. #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
72. AlexiMostrous

Only newspaper #Assange is allowed in prison is Daily Express - Robertson QC #wikileaks. about 8 hours ago
73. newsbrooke

Quelle horreur - the only newspaper #assange could read in prison was the daily express. Didn't get to see his cover on Time magazine about 8 hours ago
74. jimsciuttoABC

Lawyer holds up envelope sent to Assange containing newspaper court confiscated #Wikileaks about 8 hours ago
75. stuartdhughes

Cruel and unusual punishment... RT @AlexiMostrous: Only newspaper #Assange is allowed in prison is Daily Express - Robertson QC #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
76. jimsciuttoABC

Assange allowed to read the envelope but not the newspaper #Wikileaks about 8 hours ago
77. newsbrooke

Bail is granted to #assange. With conditions. He's out. Next hearing jan 11th. about 8 hours ago
78. AliBunkall

According to reuters Assange has been granted bail about 8 hours ago
79. JemKhan

HOORAY! Bail granted. about 8 hours ago
80. jrug

^JR #Assange granted bail - Reuters #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
81. democracynow

BREAKING NEWS: #JulianAssange released on bail paid by supporters, @guardiannews. See DN! news archive: http://ow.ly/3oXVG about 8 hours ago
82. ggreenwald

RT @arusbridger "Assange granted bail. Cheers in and out of court #wikileaks http://bit.ly/fZonr0 " about 8 hours ago
83. ggreenwald

The threat posed to press freedoms from prosecuting WikiLeaks/Assange: http://is.gd/iJGSn about 8 hours ago
84. jimsciuttoABC

Assange to be freed on 200,000 pound bail #Wikileaks about 8 hours ago
85. jimsciuttoABC

Other conditions: surrender passport, curfew, electronic tag #Wikileaks about 8 hours ago
86. AliBunkall

Bail surety 200k. #Assange about 8 hours ago
87. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @ITwitius: #Wikileaks Assange to wear electronic tag. about 8 hours ago
88. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @frasereC4: RT @arusbridger: Assange granted bail. Cheers in and out of court #wikileaks http://bit.ly/fZonr0 about 8 hours ago
89. AliBunkall

Think the guarantee of accommodation from Vaughan Smith would have helped Assange's case for bail massively about 8 hours ago
90. AlexiMostrous

Complex decision. Assange given bail on conditions but prosecutors have 2hrs to appeal and £200k security has to be sent to court.#wikileaks about 8 hours ago
91. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @psbook: Protesters, police and press pack await the imminent release of Julian Assange outside court http://plixi.com/p/62929563 about 8 hours ago
92. AlexiMostrous

Assange lawyer told me he probably won't be released tonight #wikileaks about 8 hours ago
93. newsbrooke

As a condition of bail #assange has to wear electronic tag. how about a hack into foursquare? about 8 hours ago
94. newsbrooke

Those #assange bail conditions:200k surety required, surrender passport, stay at manor house, curfew from 10am-2pm and 10pm-2am about 8 hours ago
95. AliBunkall

Swedish prosecutors likely to appeal bail. They have 2 hours to hive a decision about 8 hours ago
96. newsbrooke

#assange can't apply for travel docs and must report to local police station every day at 6pm. Prosecutor has 2hrs to appeal. about 8 hours ago
97. newsbrooke

Geoffrey Robertson qc: "it's not so much a house arrest as a manor arrest." #assange house 10 bedrooms surrounded by 600 acres in Suffolk. about 8 hours ago
98. MMFlint

London court has accepted bail money from me & others & has just released WikiLeaks' Assange on bail! Cheering in courtroom. about 8 hours ago
99. kaepora

And now, the two-hour wait... about 8 hours ago
100. newsbrooke

Right I'm blowing this media circus...if I can get past the photographer scrum and zealot fans. about 8 hours ago
101. jimsciuttoABC

In the end, judge swayed Assange now has confirmed address in UK and didn't enter UK illegally #Wikileaks about 7 hours ago
102. xenijardin

Assange must wear electronic tracking device, surrender passport, comply w/curfew. Bail set at £200K. http://tinyurl.com/33myqs8 #wikileaks about 8 hours ago Retweeted
103. MMFlint

News flash from inside courtroom - Sweden has 2 hrs 2 appeal before Assange is let go. C'mon State Dept - come up with something good. about 7 hours ago
104. newsbrooke

I'm out. Bank of tv cams and 100+ reporters wtg for #assange. Follow Guardian now for news articles of today's hearing. about 7 hours ago
105. JemKhan

Geoffrey Robertson said today in court it is not rape under British law. about 7 hours ago
106. newsbrooke

Was that the first British extradition case ever tweeted? I think it was. Thanks to my partner in open justice @AlexiMostrous. about 7 hours ago
107. AlexiMostrous

Mark stephens #assange lawyer expected to address crowd outside court in 5 mins and poss reveal name of nobel prize winner surety about 7 hours ago
108. PhilHarrison

RT @newsbrooke Was that the first British extradition case ever tweeted? I think it was. Thanks to my partner in open justice @AlexiMostrous about 7 hours ago
109. jimsciuttoABC

Swedish prosecutors will not appeal #Wikileaks about 7 hours ago
110. jimsciuttoABC

Assange will walk, once the court has 200thou pounds in cash. Lawyer says could take days #Wikileaks about 7 hours ago
111. AlexiMostrous

Reports that Swedish prosecutors will not seek to appeal #assange bail decision #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
112. AlexiMostrous

ps last tweet hat tip to @jimsciuttoabc about 6 hours ago
113. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @peternbcnews: Per #Assange's lawyer, he can leave prison as soon as $315K bail is posted. #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
114. newsbrooke

What we need in british courts is removal of the prohibition on electronic recording of open court. Hope #assange tweets set precedent. about 6 hours ago
115. newsbrooke

Swedish prosecutors will not appeal #Assange bail http://bit.ly/hDZQbU #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
116. MMFlint

Sweden won't appeal #assange bail. Lawyers now pulling together cash they need to give to court. Wired my 20K yesterday. about 6 hours ago
117. AliBunkall

Julian Assange is led back into court about 6 hours ago
118. AliBunkall

He's laughing with Geoffrey Robertson about 6 hours ago
119. AliBunkall

I just fell off my seat in court. Embarrassing about 6 hours ago
120. AliBunkall

Swedish prosecutors challenge bail decision about 6 hours ago
121. AliBunkall

Assange remains in custody for 48 hours until appeal is heard in full. Tells judge "I understand" about 6 hours ago
122. nicholasmead

#Assange granted bail for 240,000 pounds but loses his passport and has to wear a metal tag: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11989216 about 6 hours ago
123. jimsciuttoABC

Check that: Swedish prosecutors will now appeal. Decision w/i 48hrs. Assange back to jail. #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
124. AlexiMostrous

Enough of Twitter and back - for the moment - to old school journalism. have to file tomorrow's story! #wikileaks. about 6 hours ago
125. AlexiMostrous

contrary to earlier reports, now we're hearing that Sweden WILL appeal. Will post as soon as confirmed #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
126. BBCBreaking

Swedish prosecutors decide contrary to earlier reports to appeal against release on bail of #WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about 6 hours ago
127. JPBarlow

No doubt $382,000 is pretty standard bail for condom violations. #wikileaks about 6 hours ago
128. JemKhan

The Swedes are appealing... about 6 hours ago
129. AlexiMostrous

ps @newsbrooke was the other journo who tweeted the hearing - and she's written a book about open justice. about 6 hours ago
130. newsbrooke

Turnabout on #assange. Apparently Swedish prosecutors have challenged decision. Appeal to come within 48hrs. about 6 hours ago
131. BreakingNews

Update: Swedish prosecutors decide contrary to earlier reports to appeal Assange bail, BBC reports http://bbc.in/hxcoKJ about 6 hours ago
132. newsbrooke

Folks I am now in dance class and off the grid so for #Assange case news follow Guardian et al. about 5 hours ago
133. Amandaraqs

@JPBarlow Median bail for rape in US: $23,000 http://www.mincava.umn.edu/documents/sexoff/sexoff.html about 6 hours ago
134. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @Indoncensorship: Julian Assange to stay custody as Sweden fights bail decision http://goo.gl/Bcmv3 about 5 hours ago
135. AliBunkall

I shld explain my clumsy court moment. The seats swing up like cinemas I stood when judge entered then forgot to put seat down again. Plonk! about 5 hours ago
136. KeirSimmonsITV

You can get this on podcast 2morrow: RT @KeithOlbermann: Michael Moore joins us on Countdown to talk offer of bail for J Assange #wikileaks about 5 hours ago
137. KeirSimmonsITV

RT @JemKhan: The Swedes are appealing... about 5 hours ago
138. KeirSimmonsITV

Picture: Assange taken back to prison: RT @annalisaitv: Off he goes. http://yfrog.com/h3b8fjj #wikileaks about 5 hours ago
139. kaepora

WikiLeaks has just confirmed on its Facebook feed that Sweden WILL challenge the bail conditions > http://is.gd/iKcq7 #wikileaks #assange about 5 hours ago
140. attractr

Last minute bail appeal from Sweden? My guess: a crazy phone call from old Lieberman to the toll-free IKEA customer service line about 5 hours ago
141. fieldproducer

Finally finished at the Julian Assange case,the most common phrase I heard media use was 'this is bonkers' - spot on it was a mad scrum about 5 hours ago
142. JemKhan

Calling me "a socialite" is such a lazy way for journalists to undermine me and the Assange defence. about 5 hours ago
143. MMFlint

Now the Swedes have decided to appeal, so Assange remains in jail. Unbelievable. How many lapdog govts do we own around the world? about 5 hours ago
144. JemKhan

Swedish Appeal proves there's an agenda. about 5 hours ago
145. JemKhan

I heard from lawyers today that Girl A does not want to press charges and never did. about 4 hours ago
146. ioerror

It is absolutely unjust to continue to imprison Julian. about 4 hours ago
147. beggaboo85

and still Julian Assange remains in prison... this is starting to feel like the never ending story. http://bit.ly/htg0AT about 2 hours ago
148. fieldproducer

The Julian #Assange case today had one of biggest media scrums I've seen in ages,will only get bigger as it moves to High Court #wikileaks about 2 hours ago
149. GdnCables

#cablegate Julian Assange remains in jail as Sweden appeals against bail decision http://bit.ly/fp6P8r #wikileaks about 2 hours ago
150. democracynow

Can anyone recommend a reputable car service company in London? about 1 hour ago
151. fbhutto

Assange's lawyer on the 200,000 pound bail to be paid in cash "it's a shame we can't pay it using Mastercard". Ha. about 2 hours ago
152. BreakingNews

U.S. Air Force blocks Internet access to NYT, Guardian and 23 other sites posting WikiLeaks documents - Reuters about 1 hour ago